About Us

Hi, We are SugarDunk

Our Mission is to create moments of healing and happiness through all natural bath and body product. Starting in 2016 with a small successful kickstarter, we set up shop. We make every batch by hand with the freshest natural ingredients. We believe in loving your body right by taking care of the largest organ on your body, the skin. With practicing good hygiene and self care, we believe the simple moments can make all the difference.

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Our Story

The Beginning (2016)

With the idea of wanting to promote self care and not liking any of the icky preservative based products on the market, SugarDunk was born. 

2016 - present

Making scrubs and it's been a wild ride.



Kickstarter Success

We successfully raised $3500 on Kickstarter to launch SugarDunk. 

Special Vendors

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I really love product filled with toxic chemicals that make my skin react and break out.
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